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Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors do their best to provide treatment and care to their patients. However, sometimes they make mistakes. These mistakes can have grave consequences, such as injury or even death. With over 40 years of experience we are the leading experts in cases involving medical malpractice.

When someone you’ve hired makes a mistake it is usually not a huge deal, but if the mistake in question was made by your doctor, then you could face long lasting and even painful consequences as a result. Medical malpractice cases come in a variety of forms and can include anything from a missed diagnosis to errors in the emergency room or in treatment. If you’ve been harmed by your doctor, a Philadelphia personal injury attorney can help.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice

Any healthcare provider can make a mistake, and the repercussions can be devastating or even deadly. Patients can be injured in a variety of ways when it comes to healthcare, including:

  • Missed diagnosis: You really had appendicitis, but your doctor sent you home, thinking you had a virus.
  • Emergency room errors: After a car accident, the ER team failed to spot and treat your internal injuries, resulting in more damage and emergency surgery
  • Surgical errors: Your surgeon performed the wrong procedure or operated on the wrong body part
  • Obstetrical errors: Your OB/Gyn failed to spot the signs of pre-eclampsia and you and your baby were harmed
  • Misprescribed medication: Your doctor prescribed the wrong medication and harmed you
  • Hospital errors: A nurse hung the wrong IV bag or accidentally gave you a different patient’s medication.

Any time a medical provider makes an error, the outcome can be devastating and could change your life forever. In some cases, that mistake can even result in a fatality or permanent disability. We can’t make you better after your doctor harmed you, but we can help ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Get Medical Malpractice Help in Philadelphia

Medical malpractice cases are complex and insurers don’t always play fair. You need a personal medical malpractice attorney on your side to fight for your rights and compensation. Contact us to talk about your case right away; the sooner we get started, the sooner you’ll get closure and begin the process of healing and adapting to your new normal. We understand the impact a medical mistake can have and stand ready to aggressively fight for your rights and on your behalf.

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